New Start…

I’ve blogged here for a while now but I felt my original ideas had gone somewhat astray. So, I’m back with a fresh start and a full intention of staying focused on the subject of photography in general, black & white photography in particular and the artistic goings on around north Staffordshire.

I chose a picture I recently made of acorns and oak leaves for my profile pic. I thought this best represented my new start and the fact that with focus an idea can grow stronger and bigger ( I know, cheesy and all that but what the hell!)

Recently I’ve been working on two projects. One came about while we were sorting out a load of stuff left behind by our youngest son after he moved to Swansea to attend uni there. For some reason I ended up with several pairs of shoes which had definitely finished their walking days. I got to thinking about what stories such things could relate if they could speak. Our son is a keen walker and refuses to use public transport of he can possibly walk. this keep him fit and also gets through numerous pairs of shoes and boots, hence the pile of worn out ones.

Looking at the shoes got me thinking about the miles they had covered, the life-events experienced during their partnership with said son’s size 11 feet. The ups, downs, good times, bad times, even the secrets they were privy to.

So I started an ongoing project which I call Journey’s End which features cast off shoes, boots, slippers, flip-flops and all manner of footwear. I am on the lookout for discarded footwear everywhere I go now. The thing which really intrigues me though is the lonely shoes I see so many of on the motorways. How do they get there? Is it someones idea of a prank to throw their friend’s shoe from a moving car? Are some people so bad at packing that the shoes simply drop out of bags? Do shoes have a secret life of their own and some decide to make a break for freedom only to be flattened on the middle lane of the M6?

Who knows?


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